Sunday, December 4, 2011


October and November have flown by, and now we are well on our way to Christmas. Well here is little bit of what we have been busy with around our house.This guy has been super busy the last few months with work, so in order for me and the girls to keep our sanity we have been busy doing lots of fun things.
Kate is three and sassy as can be. She is OBSESSED with pricesses, so she had a wonderful princess party. Since we had just moved here we didn't have many friends to come celebrate with us but our friends the Stoddards came and helped us party it up with a treasure hunt, decorating crowns and cupcakes.
Can believe this little bugaboo is 3. We headed to Logan for a week of fun. Starting with my cute little Grandmas 80'th Birthday
I have awesome cousins and we had not all be together in like 4 years so it was so fun to get together and to see our cute kids play together. Sure love these girls!!My favorite cousin from Vegas, Jessica stayed at my parents house with me, we had so much fun and had to do some Just Dance. Even Kate was getting in the groove.
I went to dinner with some friends from high school. So fun to see friends after so long.
My parents, sister and sister in-law took the kids to Hogle Zoo for the day. These two little monkeys LOVE to play.
Kate and Vince measuring up to the gorillas

It would not be October without a trip to the fabulous North Logan Pumpkin Walk.

Claire was a cute little Pumpkin for Halloween
And of course Kate was Cinderella. We are still cleaning up the sparkles from that dress. But she loved Halloween and still asks if we are having another Halloween tonight.We have been playing dress up with friends.....
There has been jumping........
and more jumping.......
some strolling.......
a lot of smiling.........and a bunch of laughing.
We have had a great couple of months and are excited to be getting our daddy back now that he is starting to slow down. We are getting so excited for Christmas and the new traditions that our family is starting. Kate is now at the age where it is so fun to see her experience the sights and sounds of the holidays. Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday season.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Good, Better, Best

This  has been on my mind a lot lately, especially after watching conference.  Now that I am  a full time stay at home mom I am feeling a little bit of pressure to be the perfect little homemaker, and I am a hard time finding the time to fit it all in, and trying to decide what is THE GOOD, THE BETTER AND THE BEST.  There are 3 main talks from this and past conferences that have really been sticking in my mind lately.  The first is President Uchtdorfs talk from the Relief Society broadcast.  What an inspired man, he honestly was talking straight to me and I am sure every women felt the same way.  I loved when he talked about making sacrifices, it is a worthy sacrifice to stay awake with a sick child, it is not a good sacrifice to stay up late and make hair accessories for your daughters Sunday dress.  To find the best things and spend your time doing those things. The forget-me-nots, what a great way to help us remember the important things in life, like that God loves us.
The second talk was by M. Russell Ballard in April 2008 conference talking to young mothers.  He said that motherhood  is the most important calling on earth (talk about pressure).  He talks about living in the moment, enjoying and teaching your children while they are in your home.  Not worrying about the dirty windows and getting on the floor and playing with your kids.  Also taking time to enhance your own life, taking a class, learning something new that will make you a better person.
The last talk is called Good, Better, Best by  Dallin H. Oaks given in 2007.  He mentions the story of Mary and Martha, I am totally a Martha. ~ If Jesus were to come to dinner at my house I would be worried about  a clean house, a perfect dinner and making sure everything was in order.  I am sure I would complain that no one was helping and they were all sitting around Jesus' feet listening to him, while I did all the work.  What Martha was doing was Good, but it was not the best thing that she could have been doing at the time.
 There are so many things that we need to do during the day, but are we doing the best?  Sure; scrapbooking, crocheting, making gourmet meals, facebooking and even blogging are all good things.  But before we do those things are we making sure to spend quality time with each of our kids, telling them how much we love them, have we read our scriptures before reading facebook newsfeeds, are we magnifying our church callings or just doing the bare minimum?  I am asking myself these questions too, I am far from perfect but after watching conference I am striving to be more perfect, not so others will look at my life and think I am perfect but to truly become perfect like my Heavenly Father wants and knows I can be.
Just some thoughts from my crazy brain, I hope these talks help you in your life like they have helped me.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Summer fun

Where did August go? We have had such a great summer, but August was one crazy month. Lee started his new job by leaving for Kentucky for three weeks for training, and I was left home with a two and a half year old and a five week old baby. I would not have made it through those weeks with out my parents, Lee's sister staying with me for a few days and wonderful neighbors to help me out. Two days after he got home Lee was able to give Claire a beautiful blessing and had many family members come and support us.

Cousins~ Vince, Charlie, Kate and Claire
4 generations
My cute family

Wilson family
After we got the blessing over  our next project was packing, packing and more packing.  We did take a weekend break and went to Park City for a reunion and also headed to the Cache County fair.

I love corn on the cob!
Claire is getting so big, she is three months old now and i love this stage. she is such a happy, good baby.  She smiles all the time.  At her last check up she was in the 95th percentile for her height and weight, She is a growing girl. And so stinking cute.

We are now pretty much settled in Pocatello and starting to get into a routine.  Life is much different that it has been for the last few years, I retired from my job, and now am a stay at home mom and loving every minute of it(well to be honest there are some minutes that I do not love) and Lee is loving his new job.  He gets to work out of the home which is quite the change from working 60 hours a week and sleeping very little.  He is loving being home with his girls.  Last week we went to the East Idaho State Fair and had so much fun,  we spent a small fortune but had a great day.
I dont now who was having more fun feeding the baby goats: Lee or Kate

Check out those horns.

Claire loved the fair too.
 The other day Kate upstairs and told me that I needed to come see her fish.  I didnt pay too much attention to it, until I went downstairs and found this:
I may be partial but I think that is fascinating.  She must be gifted:)
Kate loves her new house and is making friends with some of the neighbor kids.  We also started potty training again~please pray for us.
Life is great here  in Idaho.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Claires 1 month pics

Claire is almost 3 months old now, but with moving I never got around to posting her pictures.  One of the cute young women in my ward ( Kori Thompson) started a photography business, so I asked her to take Claires pictures.  They turned out really cute, especially considering she has never taken newborn pics before, Kori did great!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Big changes

On June 9th miss Claire Mckenzie was born. She was 8 pds 15 oz and 22 inches long, she is perfect and the labor and delivery were super smooth. She is eating great and sleeping good too. Now that she is 4 weeks old I figured it was time to update the blog.

I was a little worried how Kate was going to take having a new baby, but she has suprised me. She loves her baby sister and wants to hold and love on her. The week after Claire was born I celebrated my 26th birthday, we had dinner at my favorite restaurant The Coppermill and finished the night with some Village Inn Pie.

We are loving our sweet little family and enjoyed the holiday weekend.

In other news. I am happy to announce that Lee got a new job. He will be the area rep for Humana Healthcare. But here is the thing~ it is in Pocatello, Idaho. So that means that we are MOVING!!! This is a huge blessing for us but it will be hard at the same time. I have lived in Cache Valley my whole life. I love it here. I love my new house, my awesome nieghborhood, my great friends and having my family so close. But the Lord wants/needs us in Pocatello so that is where we are headed. The plan is to find a place to rent there and hopefully find renters for our home. We are hoping to be there by mid August. So those are the two big changes in our house, a new baby and a new job. Pretty exciting stuff.

Friday, February 4, 2011

It's a Girl!!!

That's right we are expecting another little girl, June 12, 2011. Here is an interesting fact: My Grandma, mom, sister and I are all born in June, It is a busy birthday month, and we are excited to add another little girl to the list. I am 21 weeks and have felt great from the very beginning. We are trying to get some of the big changes over with for Kate before the baby comes. Wednesday I changed her crib into a toddler bed. Why can't they make cribs to fit kids until they are 5? We have not got a lot of sleep the last two nights. She sneaks out and plays in the living room or just in her room. If you have any advice on how to teach a 2 year old to stay in their bed, I would love to hear it. So that is the latest in our lives. Happy Valentines Day!!

Monday, November 1, 2010


I know, what am I doing updating my blog? It has only been a short 8 months since I have posted something. So hold on tight, you are in for a ride though Wilsonville.
Man, a lot has happened over the last few months, so here we go.
~The last thing that I left you with was that our little monkey broke her arm, after 6 long, smelly weeks the cast came off and Kate was good as new.
~Lee turned 30 this year and had a great birthday. We really enjoy birthdays in our family.
~Lee and I ran our first race together. The Smithfield 5K, and had a blast.
~ I had an awesome 25th birthday this summer and my freaking fantastic husband got me a much needed new camera,(that is why there are no pics for the first few things, but here come the pics.)
~We had a great summer filled with lots of friends~Spending time with family

~A Summer is not complete without a visit to the Cache County Fair~
~Lots of parades and candy~Bear Lake with cousins~Biggest part of the summer was spent putting in our sprinkling system and planting our lawn. Lee and I did it all ourselves and are so proud of what we accomplished.~Next big accomplishment, I ran the Top of Utah Half Marathon with my dad. Loved it. Finished in 2:09. Hope to do it again next year.~Kate got a kittin for her Birthday, She loved it. It later ran away. (Darn:)~And our little Kate bug turned 2 in October. Man we sure love her.~Took a trip to Hogle ZooSupported our Aggie Football, even in the pouring rain~And of course Halloween. Little Minnie Mouse ~Kate rocking this seasons newest fashion.
So we have had a busy summer and fall, but are loved every second of it. Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving. And while I'm at it I might as well just wish you a Merry Christmas because who knows when I will update this blog again. Thanks for visiting!!!